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The International Scientific Conference: The Ukrainian Crisis and Its Significance for International Security

The International Scientific Conference: "The Ukrainian Crisis and Its Significance for International Security" Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, November 19th-20th, 2015 CALL FOR CONFERENCE Ongoing – since 2013 – crisis in Ukraine together with political and military engagement […]

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Melania Ogrodniczuk: The International Trade Policy in the American Political System

Source: "Przegląd Geopolityczny" 2015, vol. 11 Melania Ogrodniczuk International trade policy in the American Constitution The American Constitution gives the right to manage the foreign policy to the President (government) and the Congress[1]. Among them […]

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Andrej Kreutz: Minsk-2 agreement

prof. Andrej Kreutz The optimistic predictions that "the Minsk-2” accords will be successful, will bring long term peace and quiet to the war-torn southeast of Ukraine” and perhaps even, "will put the nail in the coffin […]

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Martin Angelovič: Slovak-Ukrainian Part of Schengen Area

Source: "Przegląd Geopolityczny" 2014, vol. 10. Download PDF. dr Martin Angelovič INTRODUCTION Border as a geographical term has been studied for a long time, and there exist a variety of borders as such. Humane geography uses the […]

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Review: Małgorzata Abassy, Culture Against Progress and Modernization. Russia and Iran in the Comparative Perspective

dr Leszek Sykulski Review: Małgorzata Abassy, Culture Against Progress and Modernization. Russia and Iran in the Comparative Perspective, Jagiellonian University, Kraków 2014, pp. 592. [in Polish] The book consist of four parts. After the introduction, chapter […]

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Pierre Verluise: Soviet and Putin’s Strategy

dr. Pierre Verluise, Diploweb.com Do post-Soviet Russia’s designs for the European Union carry legacies of the strategies of the former Soviet Union? The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) – spanning an immense 22 million […]

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Tomasz Klin: The Visions of the International Order in German and Anglo-American Geopolitical Thought During the Second World War

Dr. Tomasz Klin In 1945 the New World Order was established. Before the all important decisions were made, politicians and intellectuals had debated about institutions, international law, and spheres of influence. The same debate took place […]

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Jakub Potulski: Postmodern geopolitics

prof. Jakub Potulski The world that we have been witnessing is undergoing radical change, directly connected with the information revolution and transition from modern to the so-called postindustrial/postmodern society. The pace of these changes increases […]

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Dmytro Vyhovskyy: Russian-Ukrainian standoff – lessons for European gas supplies security

Dr. Dmytro Vyhovskyy Recent developments of Russian-Ukrainian conflict that entered a ‘hot phase’ with the tensions over Crimean Peninsula clearly demonstrates for Europe that dominant position of one gas supplier in the region may be […]

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4th International Geopolitical Conference: Strategic and Geopolitical Issues in the Contemporary World

Geopolitical Studies in Prague (Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) is glad to open Call for Papers: 4th International Geopolitical Conference “Strategic and Geopolitical Issues in the Contemporary […]

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Giedre Pranaityte: The Presidential Leadership of George W. Bush and its Impact on the Erosion of the Conservative Regime

Giedre Pranaityte Introduction The focus of scholarly attention in relation to the presidential leadership has recently shifted to “typological theorizing as a new approach to systematic comparison” (Bennet and Elman, 2006, 456). There are numerous attempts […]

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Andrej Kreutz: Review: Strategic Vision and the Crisis of Global Power

prof. Andrej Kreutz Review: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Strategic Vision and the Crisis of Global Power, New York 2012. Zbigniew Brzezinski, an American scholar of Polish origin and former National Security Advisor for President Jimmy Carter, is certainly […]